Clients and their Goals

Tina Lehmann
Lehmann Digital Arts Publishing

Lehmann Digital Arts Publishing brings digital arts, content management and SEO together for digital presentation, web and SEO recognition, resulting in positive user interface.

Lehmann, LDAP, LLC

Digital Arts Facilitator

LDAP, Tina Lehmann is crafting digital arts and web projects for small businesses and artists alike. Tina’s approach is to work side-by-side with her clients. Together, design and search strategies are fully explained. This process makes website design familiar and encourages clients to move forward with their publishing goals.

With a professional background in survey design and identifying ready solutions, Tina provides those skills to her web-site clients.

Additional schooling, with five digital-arts college classes, assists in web publishing.  Tina also brings experience with published movie vignettes, and photographic pursuits and printings.

Main design considerations:

  • website contact information and its purpose are clear
  • current UX experience and continued education
  • associate’s degree, Website Design, GCC, May 2015
  • LDAP recent portfolio of updated websites:

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