One Step at a time

Learning one exercise at a time

I have learned more than 20 different pt-individualized instructions during the last five years. To me, the most notable ones are these three exercises:

transverse abdominus: contract pelvic floor muscles; contract deep abdominal muscles by deeply squeezing the lower abdomen muscles; resume relaxed breathing pattern with 3 relaxed breaths; repeat 5, 6 times

foot-strenthening exercises: Plantar flexion, wrap theraband over the ball of your foot and toes. Pull the ends toward you as you point your foot down, 10x against the resistance. Inversion, hold the theraband to the outside of the working leg. Cross the other leg over the working leg and the press the foot into the theraband on the outside of the working leg as you sickle the foot against resistance.

external rotators: Place two-pound ankle weight on left ankle. Lie on tummy. Bend the knee, then gently move left leg at the knee to move over midline. Repeat 5 to 8 times. Feel the external rotator burn.